Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ring on Hiatus

Ring is on hiatus through the winter as it mourns the passing of its technical director and main benefactor, Jonathan Lustig.

Michelle will perform her solo Salve at the Bryn Mawr faculty concert, February 3rd.


Friday, September 4, 2009



Thursday Sept. 10th, 8pm
Sunday Sept. 13th, 6pm

Mascher is at:
155 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19122

$10/$8 with Dance Pass

purchase tickets at

Ring Dancers are:
Erin Foreman-Murray
Sara Narva
Karin Otto
Naomi Pressman
Michelle Stortz


Monday, July 27, 2009

Studying the Study 349.

I've assembled a group from the chaos of schedules and disparate lives. We have accomplished the social phenomenon of 'gathering' and sometimes I think that that is what the work is really about – demanding that this event take place, this rehearsal, this dance, this performance. It is exhausting and sometimes I am resentful to leave my cozy home to fight the traffic and mass of humanity to go to something that seems to cost me far more than I receive. And then I am there with them, these incredibly intelligent movers and beautiful thinkers, and I sink into this practice, this being present in our bodies, moving, creating movement, attuning ourselves to this fine listening.

We dance, I lead. They are skilled followers, sensitive to sublime subtleties. We make a thing, an event that lasts 10 minutes and 49 seconds. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We have patterns we repeat. We have chaos we ride like a turbulent sea. I say it's about the listening, but so often it is about the nuts and bolts - this move goes here and this move lasts until here. Sometimes the listening gets lost. And yet, I tout that as the real deal, the meat of the project. So I ask myself, am I avoiding something? Am I creating obstacles? Am I killing the wild beauty of the thing by setting this and that, demanding details? Dunno. These are my questions of the day. Are these dances like golems? Going out into the world to do our bidding, but in actuality, revealing our subconscious desires and fears?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shows Coming Up!

Norristown DanceFest
August 14 & 15 at 8pm
Montgomery County Cultural Center
208 Dekalb Street
Norristown, PA

Tickets $18/$15 student
Dance Pass discount coming soon

purchase tickets at

fellow performers:
Melanie Aceto Contemporary Dance
Philadelphia Dance Theatre
Green Chair Dance Group
Tara Madsen Dance
Chisena Danza

The Philly Fringe Festival - InFlux at Mascher Space Co-0p
September 10th (Thursday) & 13th (Sunday)
more detatails soon~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Artist's Residency in the Mountains of Virginia

arriving arriving arriving
the woods take me in
so far, so good
I've made a fire, unpacked
I'll make my first meal soon
teapot works
the view is nice
the rain sings
there's nothing to do
just listen
don't worry, it will come
You can think about survival if you want
but you're here to remember yourself
don't worry, she'll come

I'm at the Workspace for Choreographers in Sperryville, Virginia. A gorgeous studio in the mountains, hosted by the wise and gracious Sally Nash. I've been here five days now. City skin is finally starting to shed. The muse should be showing up any minute now...